Strawberry Begonia

The Strawberry Begonia Plant, or Strawberry Geranium as it is sometimes called, is neither a Begonia nor a Geranium, but rather a member of the Saxifrage family. It does have bluish-green fuzzy leaves like those of a Begonia and it does spread by sending out “stolen” or “runners” like a strawberry plant does; but a Strawberry Begonia Plant is really an evergreen native to Asia and a close relative of the Piggyback Plant. A Strawberry Begonia Plant produces a lovely white flower with pointed petals and a bright yellow center. Like a strawberry plant, new babies develop on a Strawberry Begonia Plant at the ends of each of the “stolen.” Indoors or on your porch a Strawberry Begonia Plant makes a beautiful hanging plant. Outdoors a Strawberry Begonia Plant can also be an excellent ground cover in your garden.
If the top 2”- 3” of soil in the Strawberry Begonia Plant are still moist, do not water. When the top few inches dry out, water a Strawberry Begonia until water comes out the bottom drip holes. A Strawberry Begonia Plant needs less water in the fall and winter when it is resting. Always water a Strawberry Begonia from the bottom so no water collects on the hairs of the leaves.


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