Sunset Bells, Black Flamingo

Common name: Sunset Bells, Black Flamingo, Chrysothemis, Copper Leaf

The name is taken from mythology – Chryso Themis was a daughter of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, of Greek mythology. Pulchella means beautiful.

Botanical name: Chrysothemis pulchella

Family: Gesneriaceae (Gloxinia family)

Sunset Bells is an interesting plant from the Caribbean. Yellow flowers with bright orange sepal cups form a colorful ground cover. The yellow flowers are short-lived, but the orange sepal cups last for many days and give the plant an ever blooming effect. The dark, glossy, toothed leaves make this plant attractive even when it is not in bloom. It is a perennial herb that can be grown as a house-plant.

Growing Season:

From spring to summer it is covered with very showy orange-red flowers. The bright yellow corolla, with some red striping or spotting, is about twice the length of the sepal cup, with a narrow tube and flaring lobes. Leaves are large, dark-green with brown touch, very ornamental. The stems are thick and succulent, usually upright. The plant forms a dense mountain of flowers and foliage. The plant forms tubers at the base of the stem, and sometimes also in the leaf axils.


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