BUTEA MONOSPERMA(Palash पलाश ,Dhak ढाक )

Butea Monosperma:

The herb Butea Monosperma belongs to the plant family Fabaceae. This plant is commonly known as Palas in Hindi. It is also called “the flame of the forest” due to the bright orange and scarlet colors of its flowers. It follows the trade name “Butea” which has been taken from its scientific name Butea Monosperma.
This tree is native to India and can be found growing all over the country but it is most easily spotted in the mixed and/ or dry deciduous forests located in Central India and Western India.
The parts of the herb Butea Monosperma that are used for medicinal purposes are its flowers, its leaves the gum obtained from the plant, its seeds and the oil that can be extracted from the flowers as well as the seeds. The flowers of the tree are rich in glucosides, butin, neteroside and butrin whereas the seeds are a rich source of moodooga oil or kino- tree oil which is a fixed oil and is yellow color. This oil has various medicinal properties. The gum obtained from the tree is rich in gallic acid and tannic acid and is referred to as Bengal kino gum or simply Butea gum. The leaves of the Butea Monosperma are used as ingredients of tonics and aphrodisiacs and are also helpful in arresting bleeding or secretion.
The herb Butea Monosperma has found many uses as a medicinal herb. It can be used internally or as a preparation that can be applied externally.
The flowers are used to prepare a traditional Holi colour. It is also used as a dyeing color for fabric.

Diarrhea- The gum of the tree can be used to relieve Diarrhea when taken in three doses regularly. It is however not suitable for women and children to consume this gum.
Dysentery- The gum of the plant is also useful in relieving dysentery.
Intestinal Worms- The seeds of Butea can be ground into a powdered form and this powder can then be consumed to kill worms in the stomach and the intestines.
Diabetes- The leaves of the tree help reduce blood sugar and relieve Diabetes.
Sore Throat- The leaves of the tree can be boiled in water and this can be used as a mouthwash to relieve sore throat.
Skin Disorders- For relieving eczema, itching and/ or other skin disorders, the seeds should be ground to a paste and the paste should then be applied to the affected area regularly.
Leucorrhoea- The leaves & flowers are also beneficial in the management of leucorrhoea. A decoction prepared from them should be used to wash the genital parts regularly to relieve the disease.
Retention of Urine- The leaves of the plant should be made into a decoction to wash the pubic region regularly with so as to increase the retention of urine.


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