Monkey flowers(Mimulus lewisii)Fig wort

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Monkey flower 
Botanical name: Mimulus lewisii ,Fig wort

Family: Scrophulariaceae (Dog flower family)

DescriptionGeneral: Attractive pink flowers with fuzzy, yellow throats. Monkey flower is a highly diverse plant genus of about 150 species. They are called monkey flowers due to the fact that when you squeeze them at the lower part of the flower, the flower opens, doing so repeatedly, gives the humerous illusion of a monkey. Most of the species are annuals and herbaceous perennials, but a few species are subshrubs with woody stems

Perennial with stout stems 30-100 cm tall clustered on stout, branching rhizomes. Herbage sticky-hairy. Often growing in colonies.

Leaves: opposite, stalkless, strongly several-nerved from the base, entire to irregularly edged with shallow, thickened teeth. The lowermost ones reduced, the others 3-7 (10) cm

long, 1-3.5 cm wide, lanceolate to ovate or elliptic, pointed.

Flowers: few to several in open, elongating clusters, on stalks 3-6 (10) cm long. Calyx 15-25 (30) mm long, the sharp teeth about equal. Corolla very showy, pink-purple,

30-55 mm long, evidently 2-lipped. The lower lip 3-lobed, marked with white hairs and yellow stripes and maroon dots in the throat.


Flowering time: June-August.

Fruits: capsules, 2-sided, with many seeds.


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